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Recommended for use of casement window

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Company News
Recommended for use of casement window
Latest company news about Recommended for use of casement window

There is a saying called "windows are the eyes of the building", but in fact, in today's windows, we are not only used to seeing the scenery, lighting, and ventilation but thermal insulation, anti-mosquito, and anti-theft... our requirements for windows are also increasing, so windows are more like facial features for architecture.


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So what kind of environment is the casement window suitable for?

1. Suitable for environments and areas with a lot of dust, noise and rain;

2, such as the middle and low-rise residences near the road, the external environment is very noisy, the windows can be matched with hollow laminated glass, and the sound insulation effect is better;

3. For families with cold winter, hot summer, and high frequency of air conditioning, leveling windows can save you a lot of electricity bills;

4. Home space with high living space requirements, such as living room, bedroom, study room, etc.



There are many people who complain that it takes a lot of effort to open or close the doors and windows at home, especially when the windows are opened to 90 °, when the windows are closed, the elderly and children in the family have little strength, it is difficult to pull the windows back, and they often fall into an embarrassing situation.


This situation shows that there is a big problem with the door and window hardware used in your home. For doors and windows, hardware accessories are like the heart of doors and windows. Door and window hardware costs accounted for about 15%-25%, door and window hardware to the importance of the entire door and window can not be underestimated, the quality of hardware will affect the normal use of doors and windows.


Window hardware includes hinges, hinges, handles, locks, etc., and good hardware can ensure that windows are smooth for decades. No matter how good the windows are, if the hardware is not good, it will also affect the sealing, heat preservation, heat insulation, and even basic safety performance.

Door and window hardware is not only linked to the comfort of indoor living but also directly affects the safety performance of doors and windows. A good door and window must be equipped with a perfect hardware system.


The importance of door and window hardware accessories

(1)Handle film


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The handle is undoubtedly the part where we have the most daily contact with doors and windows. Whether the surface of the handle is flat, whether there are burrs, whether there is a sense of quality, whether the surface of the coating is uniform; or Whether the appearance of the handle is fashionable or elegant will directly affect the style of home decoration.


(2) Sliding support


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Sliders connect the sash and frame surfaces and allow the windows to be opened and closed in a linkage-type movable link. If the wide open window encounters the bad weather of the typhoon rain, the sliding brace can also make the open window stand.




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Hinges are an important part of ensuring that doors and windows can be rotated and load-bearing. The quality of the hinges is very important. Good hinges can guarantee easy opening and no noise. In addition, the service life of the hinge is also very important, if the quality is not good, once it encounters extreme weather such as typhoons and heavy rains, there will be dangers such as door and window crashes.


(4)Sealing strip material


Aluminum alloy doors and windows are divided into sealing materials for inlaid glass and sealing materials for sealing between frames and fans according to their use; According to the material, it is divided into sealing strip, sealing strip, and sealant. Sealing glue is mainly used for inlaid glass, sealing hair is mainly used for sealing between aluminum alloy sliding door and window frames, sealing tape is used for glass inlay sealing, and is used for sealing between door and window frames, especially aluminum alloy planifier windows, but the specifications and models of the two are different.


Other Accessories

In addition to the hardware accessories introduced above, there are corner Steaming corners, lock points, transmission boxes, etc., it is precise because these inconspicuous hardware accessories perform their duties that they can combine doors and windows to become the guardians of our home safety; Without their existence, doors and windows are just a bunch of ordinary parts, and they lose the significance of the existence of doors and windows.


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