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Top 3 reasons to choose a folding door

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Company News
Top 3 reasons to choose a folding door
Latest company news about Top 3 reasons to choose a folding door

Many families have such troubles when choosing doors and windows: choose swing doors? However, the apartment type is too small, and the swing door not only occupies space but also has inconvenience to use; Choosing a sliding door? I was worried that the transparency of the room was not enough. Sometimes I just want to make a simple partition, but the partition cabinet on the market will always make the room look too crowded, and the partition curtain will appear to be a little unclassified, at this time the advantages of the folding door will be highlighted.


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First of all, the folding door has a wide range of uses, not only as an inner door, an outer door, but also as a partition, a screen, etc. When used in corridors, balconies and other locations, it can also achieve a good ventilation effect, provide a broad field of view, ensure the privacy and safety of the space when needed, carry out clear partitioning, and open the folding door when not needed, integrate different spaces into one, enhance the overall space perception experience, and avoid giving people too closed and too depressed feelings. Here refer to the Hennessy doors and windows of the Latour folding door, the use of linkage sensor locks and sealed anti-pinch hand design, effectively ensure the convenience and safety of operation, in addition to the design that can be folded infinitely, but also fully guarantee the wide field of view, for balconies, corridors and so on are very suitable. If you want to create a sun room or create a private space on the open-air balcony, you can also choose the folding door, which can not only ensure sufficient sunlight and outdoor air circulation, but also play a protective role in weather changes.


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Regarding the choice of folding doors, from a professional point of view, folding doors involve more parts than ordinary doors, so there is more need to examine the details when choosing. The working principle of the folding door is to install the upper and lower hinges on the upper and lower ends of the door panel of the door leaf, and then the hinge is connected with the upper and lower hinge seats of the door frame on both sides of the door opening, when one side of the door is rotated around the other side of the door, the middle door leaf is rotated together to 90 °, so that the door leaf is opened and closed, and each part will affect the final use effect; If it is an electric folding door, then through the directional device on the middle door leaf and the rotary arm parts and transmission components on the side door leaf, the higher level of automation and the higher technical requirements.


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Therefore, when purchasing an electric folding door, we must consider whether its safety protection settings are passed to avoid accidents in the subsequent use process. If it is an ordinary household, it is more recommended to manually fold the door, because the space is small, there is no need to add too complex settings, and when purchasing a manual folding door, it is generally mainly to look at the quality and production process of the door frame, door leaf, transmission parts and rotary arm parts.


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In addition, the configuration of folding door doors is generally odd + even or odd + odd fan, which can be matched according to the size of the space when purchasing. Folding door as both beautiful and practical products, in the modern home decoration has been widely used, whether it is a large or small apartment, can get the desired effect through the folding door, its practicality and aesthetics are far better than ordinary doors, is to improve the quality of modern home decoration is the best choice.



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