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Company news about Performance of sliding windows
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Performance of sliding windows

Latest company news about Performance of sliding windows

Sealing and waterproof performance of the sliding window

Why are many sliding windows on the market being said that it's bad in waterproofing?

One is the reason for the track: the track of many sliding windows is flat, and the waterproofness is naturally not good. Therefore, the choice of sliding windows must find a "high and low rail step design", the high rail is close to the indoor, and the low rail is outdoor, such a design makes drainage easier, to prevent rainwater accumulation on the track and caused by water leakage, water leakage.


The second is the sealing material: most of the sliding windows are only sealed with a rough strip, and the tull naturally does not meet the high sealing requirements, but the thermal break sliding window of APRO is sealed with a sealing rubber strip + silicified woolen strip, and the airtightness and water tightness are better than ordinary planets windows.


The safety performance of the sliding window

Some people say that the window sash is easy to fall off good sliding windows are safe design:

The APRO thermal break system sliding window will also have anti-slip and anti-swing devices, which are safer and more intimate for daily use, as well as anti-collision block devices, and stainless steel silent tracks, making pushing and pulling safer, smoother, smoother, and more silent!


The thermal insulation performance of sliding windows

If you want the thermal insulation performance of the sliding window, you can choose the "broken bridge sliding window", multi-cavity design + PA66 nylon insulation strip, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and then 304 stainless steel diamond mesh screen, anti-mosquito, anti-theft.


But before the purchase of sliding windows, we must be clear that due to structural reasons, no matter how well the sliding windows are, the thermal insulation effect is not as good as the series of case-open windows: the insulation strips of the sliding doors and windows are generally narrow, and the insulation system of the sliding windows is misaligned, and the insulation strip of the frame and the insulation strip of the fan will have a layer difference.


Sliding windows are very suitable for small areas of home space: kitchen, bathroom, etc., easy to use, and the performance requirements are relatively low.


In addition, the sliding window fan area is larger and more divided, especially after the installation of mosquito screens, and the overall viewing effect is greatly reduced. If you have high viewing requirements or high demand in living space (bedroom, living room, leisure balcony, etc.), it is still recommended to install a swing window ~