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About Pivot Doors

Latest company news about About Pivot Doors


Do Pivot Doors Need a Lot of Maintenance?

Large pivot doors can be weighty. Over time, the gravitational pull can cause loosening on the top hinge, causing a drag on the floor. Some lifting, tightening, and weatherstripping may need attention after some time. The primary maintenance required may depend on the material choice of your door. For example, timber may need a touch-up varnish, and glass doors need cleaning.


What are Pivot Doors Made of?

Think outside the box when it comes to swivel doors. Grand pivot doors are available in various materials, allowing you to choose a finish that suits your modern home. For example, do you love warm, heavy, and secure timber? Or maybe a steel-framed glass pivot door for a clear view of the landscape that's beyond? Some companies have even used marble for their swivel doors.

There are many options, from minimalist and clean, to rough and textured.


Are Pivot Doors Dangerous?

Any door, whatever the style, has a crush zone for little fingers. For pivot doors, while the danger is there, there is a longer delay time for your pet to escape or child to move out the way before the space surrounding a pivot door shuts. In addition, pivot doors naturally close slower, so a gentle closure would decrease the impact on vulnerable extremities should they get in the way.


Are Pivot Doors Air Tight?

Since pivot doors do not shut on a door frame, weatherstripping and sealing are never as good as a hinged door. As a result, water and air infiltration problems are possible, especially if the door is not balanced correctly. For this reason, it's best to fit a pivot door under an overhang for increased protection against the elements.


Pivot Doors - Stylish and Grand

Pivot doors are more than just a functional item in a home. They're an architectural element that can cover grand openings. If you're looking for a stylish finishing touch for your home, pivot doors offer elegance. To avoid flaws and premature replacement of your door, choose a door expert that provides a "warp-free” guarantee and excellent installation.